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How does it work?

Our chart is produced by algorithms that scan the AppStore for the most ‘referenced to’ apps. It works like Google does, in that it searches for apps with the most incoming links from other apps. We look at every application in the AppStore in the 'Customers Also Bought' section. If your app is found -- the references counter increases. If not – the app is added to the chart and the algorithm performs the same operations with this app's 'Customers Also Bought' section. This way, our algorithm gets through the whole AppStore and builds a collection of apps linked to each other by the references in the 'Customers Also Bought' section. After building the collection, we follow statistics for each app:

  • Number of other apps that refer to the app
  • Depth of the app -- how far away from one of the Top-100 lists the app is
  • Weight of referral apps -- references from higher ranked apps is much more valuable than references from unknown apps

From these stats, the algorithm computes a ‘most referred to’ rank of each app and builds this chart.

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