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Important news
Pre-release version of "Gun Disassembly-2" project by Noble Empire Ltd is available for free download.
Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Downloads page >>
Four new models introduced (click on image to open model page)
iPhone version
iPad version
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Gun Disassembly 3D – the one and the only in the world gun 3D disassembly simulator.

In the application user can explore gun model’s gears in 3D view, learn how to disassembly/assembly and operate gun model. Skilled users can compete gun disassembling in time all over the world.

HD Version Features:

★ Ultra high polygonal 3D models -- up to 2x times more polygons
★ High resolution textures with specular -- 4x times more detailed
★ 10 extra parts more for disassembly/assembly
★ New leaderboards & scoreboards



Gun Disassembly 3D main goal is to give user possibility gun disassembly/assembly starting with main gears to smallest parts. Whole process and each spare part is close to real gun gear.

Application provides five modes:
★ Demo
★ Operate
★ Disassembly
★ Assembly
★ Game

Choose Demo mode to check up right steps gun disassembling/assembling
X-Ray view will help you to look through the gun and check all parts location in Disassembly/Assembly mode.

In Operate mode you can fire, slide moving and reload the gun (when the magazine is empty). Check Slow motion view to see what happening during the operating.

The Game Mode of this application is a great puzzle – learn gun gear and re-assembly the gun in the best time. Spare parts assembling/disassembly with logic but some time it is order is caused by safety/specific tips.

There are three models ready to disassemble/assemble and operate in the app:
★ Glock 17 and
★ Colt 1911.
★ SIG P228

Eight more guns available for in-game purchases:
★ Beretta 92FS,
★ Desert Eagle .44,
★ Uzi Full Auto
★ AK-47
★ CZ-75
★ MP5
★ Tec-9
SIG SG550S Sniper rifle New !


★ Retina resolution support
★ Action revert (undo)
★ Full 3D high-poly textured models
★ Up to 60 parts per model to disassembly (from frame to springs and screws)
★ Modern and historical gun models
★ Original gun parts names
★ Unique disassembling technology based on animation for 3D models
★ Five modes: Demo, Operate, Disassembly, Assembly, Game
★ Hints for any stage of the disassembly/assembly process
★ Slow motion (operate mode)
★ X-Ray view (disassembly, assembly mode)
★ Open Feint 2.4 ready (leader boards, achievements)
★ Local and World highscores
★ Youtube links to real disassembling video for every included gun
★ Wikipedia links
★ Native multi-touch controls interface (zoom in/out, pan, buttons)
★ Realistic sounds


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
Requires OS 3.0 or later

Tested on iOS 4.1



Update 1.1. Uzi Full Auto

Update 1.2. AK-47

Update 1.3. CZ-75

Update 1.40. MP5

Update 1.50. Tec-9

Update 1.60. SIG SG550S Sniper rifle

Reference Videos & Links

Colt 1911
Desert Eagle .44
Beretta 92FS
Sig P228



Touch Arcade 12/4/2010
  Less of a game and more of a demonstration of each and every working part in 5 different handguns, Gun Disassembly is a technical app with an extraordinary amount of detail in both the included weapon models and their many animated parts...
Though it is promoted as a game, Gun Disassembly 3D is nonetheless a technical app with very limited appeal. That didn't stop it from piquing at our curiosity however, as it can be quite a singular experience to see a firearm like this being taken apart before your very eyes, let alone being able to go about it yourself.
Full review >>






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