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Ancient maya pyramid keeps its secrets. You have to help archaeologists to find the store treasures. To get there, you need to challenge ancient pyramid guards and win 41 jade stones fighting against them in the ancient card game.


At the beginning of the game you and guard get some playing colored tiles with signs on it. Players one by one place tiles on the altar if player tile matches with current tile by color or by sign (except some special tiles). The winner is the one who first drops all his tiles.


★ Exciting and not complicated game play
★ Campaign with three episodes.
★ Full 3D graphic
★ Three different arenas
★ Ethnic soundtracks
★ Suitable for children
★ OpenFeint 2.4 ready


Compatible with iPad
Requires OS 3.0 or later





AppSmile 6/10/2010 (iPad version)
5/5 We were impressed with the iPhone rendition of Secret of Lost Pyramid due to the harmonious Mayan settings and detailed, vibrant renderings of the tiles, gems, and surroundings.  All of these elements have been reworked to talk to the iPad environment and we’ve been blown away again.  The appropriate jungley (if we can say that) soundtrack that we fell in love with is carried over as well.
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AppSmile 1/2/2010 (iPhone version)

With its terrific graphics, great music, and exciting game play, Secret of Lost Pyramid is one Uno clone that’s worth its weight in Mayan gold..
For $0.99, this is a cost-effective, no-brainer alternative to Gameloft’s $5 Uno game. Worth the dollar and fun to boot, Secret of Lost Pyramid is a 5-Dimple gem.
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It’s a stylish take on a two player Uno variant and the Freeplay Mode is actually pretty clever as how the game is scored seems counter intuitive at first but is actually pretty neat. I’d recommend this to fans of board and card games on the iPhone
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Whether or not you choose to indulge the game's backstory, it's actually fairly easy to play. It shares much in common with family-favourite card game Uno, the idea being to rid yourself of a hand of Mayan-themed tiles before your opponent manages to do so first.
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  Secret of Lost Pyramid - это новая игра от российских разработчиков, создателей замечательной голово-глазо-ломки Alien Glyphs. Акцент в Secret of Lost Pyramid сделан на развитие памяти и логики, и как в предыдущей игре, здесь вы увидите непонятные на первый взгляд знаки, и символы. Но не пугайтесь, геймплей игры до безобразий прост, а вот секрет успеха, пожалуй, будет для кажого индивидуален.
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